RadWatch Dosimeter RadLight Reader

RadWatch Dosimeter RadLight Reader

RadWatch ready-to-wear dosimeters are designed to offer superior performance to enhance accurate monitoring of radiological incidents and threats in the field. Employing robust optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) technology, the RadWatch features redundant dose assessment capabilities.

It is designed to be read out on the RadLight Reader; both are engineered to withstand combat and other extreme environmental conditions experienced by firefighters and emergency responders.

Performance Specifications

Radiations measured

■ Gamma and x rays with energies above 50 keV
■ Neutrons with energies above 0.5 MeV using OSL
■ Neutrons with energies above thermal using Fluorescent Nuclear

Track Detector (FNTD)
Detection range

■ Photons: 0.005 cGy at a depletion of ~0.5% to 3,000 cGy (est.)
■ Neutrons: 0.3 cGy (est.) to 3,000 cGy (est.) with OSL
■ FNTD neutrons: 0.005 cGy (est.) to 5 cGy (est.)