Gadget Repair Services

Ядерная энергетика
Making sure that your smartphone works as designed, we will fix any touchscreen, USB, audio & charging ports, cameras on any other possible problems, also checking that all internal hardware components work intact!
Tablets are known to be glitchy sometimes, especially when it comes to either its built-in WiFi module, its huge touchscreen or even its charging and USB ports. We will ensure that all of those are working like a clock!
Научные исследования
Within the last few years, gadgets such as fitness trackers and smartwatches have become a part of our daily routine. This makes the task of fixing them even more important, so you can get back to your outdoors activity again!
ОЕМ продукция
By far the most typical issues with a laptop of any brand are the power cord and charging ports problems, as well as USB ports issues. But even if your issue is less common, we are positive that our crew will be handy in analyzing and fixing it!
Ядерная Медицина
While computer manufactured by Apple and running a Mac operating system are known to be less problematic, the issues their hardware has sometimes puzzles even their own warranty service. Our determination is to make it all work!
With so many pre-programmed and interconnected smart home appliances now - from Samsung fridges to LG air conditioners - for us fixing those has become an ordeal as typical, as taking a smartphone for a check!

Happy Customers

Ryan Banies

I never really thought about getting a tablet, until recently it turned out that my work will require me to get one. So when after a just mere month of usage it started to glitch (including its USB and charging ports) I was upset. Luckily companies like this one can fix it in under 2 hours!

Ted Christiansen

I love gadgets and if there’s a new one coming out, expect me to purchase it right away! But when I did buy a smartwatch, I did not expect its screen to be so…bendable and breakable! Thank God that guys at this repair service were able to replace it in just 2 days!